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Anyone can come and learn to fly in one of our two hour classes, our youngest students are 8, our oldest (so far) 78! Students start with a warm up then move on to practice a simple trick on our low bar. They then attempt the trick on the Flying Trapeze and towards the end of the class get caught by an instructor on a separate swinging bar. We run a mixture of drop in classes and courses, the more classes you take the more advanced tricks you can perform! If you truly are addicted to flying you may be able to join our weekly frequent flyer and intermediate classes.

Over the summer the school is located in Regents Park and Kensington Gardens, with our third outdoor trapeze appearing at festivals, events and other parks around London. In the winter we move indoors to the Hangar Arts Trust in North Greenwich.

For a description of our classes by one of our students you can read Jojo’s blog here

A few things to remember before you book your class:

Classes go on sale in monthly batches about a month in advance.
If you want to book a class before it goes on sale, consider making a private booking for up to 10 people via info@gorillacircus.com.

We will be taking a mini-break from December 2017-May 2018 for updates on our summer season sign up to our newsletter of follow us on Facebook!

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Yes, everyone wears a safety belt when flying and we have a huge safety net to make sure your landing is a soft one.

No, Gorilla Circus has a philosophy of making circus accessible for all. Our instructors will work to your strengths and there is nothing better for improving strength and fitness than Flying Trapeze!

Any comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. Baggy clothes and jeans are not suitable for classes.

Please be aware that this is a weather dependent activity and weather by its nature is unpredictable. We obviously don’t want to mess our students around or make them have a wasted journey, however we also want to run classes whenever possible and we try hard to balance these considerations.

You should assume that your class is going ahead unless you hear otherwise from us. If we have to cancel classes due to bad weather you will be contacted by text or phone at least an hour before the class starts.

Please do not assume your class is cancelled; if you do not attend your class and we have not cancelled it you will not be entitled to a refund.

If your class is rained-off we will send you a code you can use with our booking system to reschedule your class. It is up to you to make sure that you rebook before the end of our outdoor season as these codes cannot be used for indoor classes. We do not provide refunds for rain.

If your class gets stopped in its first hour you will be entitled to a 50% discount on the next class you book.

For our classes we take any students from 8+, our oldest student to date was 78! Students under 16 should be supervised by an adult for the duration of the class. There are no height limitations, however students over 100kg or those with a disability should contact us before booking. The only other requirement is that all students need to be able to wear a safety belt which extends to around 40 inches.

There are 10 spaces available in each class.

You can book a maximum of 6 spaces for children or 8 spaces for adults. Any groups over 8 adults will need to book a private class.

Yep! Our gift vouchers are £30 for a class, and they are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Just go to ‘Bookings’ and then ‘Buy a Voucher’.

Level 1 Flying Trapeze (All-Levels including absolute beginners) 

For absolute beginners from age 8 and over, or returning students who cannot commit to a course.

Level 2 Flying Trapeze (4-Week Course)

For those who have completed at least one flying trapeze class and made a catch within the last 12 months, with Gorilla Circus or another flying trapeze school.
This is a 4-week course only – there will be no Level 2 classes.

Level 3 Flying Trapeze (previously Improvers)

For those who have completed a 4-week course with Gorilla Circus and:
Able to perform a 1-handed take-off with no belt hold, swing out of lines and a flat back drop to the net out of lines
Started working on a 3-kick turnaround swing
Comfortable and competent working platform for yourself and others (there are no platform assistants in this class)
Approved/invited to join this class (contact info@gorillacircus.com if unsure)

Level 4 Flying Trapeze (previously Regular Flyer)

For those who meet all Level 3 requirements and:
Able to take-off with no belt hold, swing, turnaround swing, and face off to the net out of safety lines
Able to catch a back-end trick, swing with catcher, and push off the catcher to land in the net on your back in safety in lines
Able to half twist out of your back-end trick to the net in lines
Able to safely cradle/bounce roll (front tuck) in the net without lines
Work platform without assistance for yourself and others (there are no platform assistants in this class)
Been approved/invited to join this class (contact info@gorillacircus.com if unsure)

Level 5 Flying Trapeze (previously Intermediates)

For those who meet all Level 4 requirements and:
Flown in a Level 4 class in the last 3 months or been approved by Mat Herman.
Able to work platform without assistance for yourself and others, including dropping return bars and scooping (there are no platform assistants in this class).
Able to return to platform out of lines without assistance.
Able to perform a back-end trick and a half-turn (previously called HiHo) to land on your back in the net without safety lines
Able to force-out turnaround
Able to catch a layout in lines
Able to perform an uprise shoot or uprise forward over to catch in lines
Been approved/invited to join this class (contact info@gorillacircus.com if unsure).


Level 1 Trampoline
For those who have completed or are attending a Flying Trapeze Level 2 4-week course
Must be actively flying with Gorilla Circus (no non-flying students)

Level 2 Trampoline
For those who meet Level 1 requirements and:
Able to perform shaped jumps with control
Able to perform twists in and out of seat landing
Able to perform confident front and back landings (preferably with no push in mat)

Level 3 Trampoline
For those who meet Level 2 requirements and:
Able to perform a half twist to front landing
Able to perform a half twist to back landing
Able to perform a back landing to front landing
Able to perform a cradle
Started progressions for, or be working on, a front or back somersault.
Alternatively, you will have been approved or invited to join this class.

Unfortunately we are unable to cater for children’s birthday parties of any kind, this is due to H&S/insurance restrictions that are out of our control. In the past people have attempted to get round this by booking lots of individual places and other methods which has lead to us having to cancel their booking on the day. Please don’t do this as we are nice people and it makes us feel horrible!

You can cancel a booking up to 1 week ahead of your class and receive a full refund, or you can reschedule up to 72 hours in advance (You are responsible for rescheduling before the end of the season, and we will not be able to provide a refund if you do not reschedule in time). Classes can be transferred between individuals, so if you cant make it maybe a friend can!

It’s not possible to make any changes within course bookings, meaning that individual classes within courses cannot be rescheduled, swapped or refunded. You are welcome to arrange your own private swap/sale of individual classes to frequent flyers using our Facebook page.

If you need to cancel your entire course, you can cancel up to 1 week in advance of the first class for a full refund. There is no reschedule option.

Check the online calendar to see if there’s space and book online as normal . You can book online at any time until the class starts.
If you book on the same day please bring a copy of your booking confirmation with you as you may not be on instructor’s printout.

Yes, we cater for company days out, hen parties and any other event you may wish to celebrate with trapeze! Just get in touch for further details.

Yes, of course! Get them to bring a camera to capture your moment of glory. Please note that at our indoor venue we have limited space so don’t bring the whole extended family.

Level 1 classes


Level 2 classes
£30 for 2-hour classes and £38 for Extended 2.5 hour classes
Level 3/4/5 classes
£26 for 2 hour classes and £36 for Extended 2.5 hour classes
 (There are no platform assistants in Level 3/4/5 classes, hence the reduced prices.)

“This is the most awesome two hours you can spend in London. This is my fourth class and I’m totally hooked.

The staff are awesome, it’s a great location and there’s nothing better than making the catch at the end of the class. Recommend to all my friends – everyone should try this at least once!”

“”Incredible experience! So much fun and adrenaline pumping. I was so scared of heights and I think this has literally cured it. You have to try it. Plus, amazing & friendly staff!”

“Love this activity and these teachers. They are simply wonderful. Thank you for all your kindness and patience with an old hoofer who can’t quite get it right!”


May to September


The school is located in the north-west corner of Regent’s Park, north of Outer Circle road and west of Avenue road. The closest tube station is St Johns Wood (Jubilee Line) or Chalk Farm (Northern Line). If you’re walking, you can cross Prince Albert road at the bottom of Charlbert St and cross over the Charlbert Bridge, and we’re just on the left inside the park.

May to September


The School is located in the South West corner of Kensington Gardens, next to the Queen’s Gate Lodge. The closest tube station is High Street Kensington

(Circle and District Lines), you are then a 10-minute walk away, entering through the Queens Gate Entrance and walking left into the park.

September to May


Hangar Arts Trust, Unit 7a, Mellish House, Harrington Way, SE18 5NR

By rail: Take the train from London Bridge to Woolwich Dockyard, Walk out of the station and head down the hill to Woolwich Road. Cross at the lights turn left down the hill, keep the wall on your right and turn right into Warspite Road, between Clancy’s pub and Plumbing World. Harrington way is the third (and last) left, we are Unit 7A.

By tube and bus: Take the tube to North Greenwich on the Jubilee Line. Then take either of the buses from Bus Stop A (161 or 472) and get off at the Warspite Road stop, which is immediately after the ‘Royal Greenwich University Technology College’ stop. Walk back to the roundabout that the bus came from and head down Warspite Road the road, between Clancy’s pub and Plumbing World. Harrington way is the third (and last) left, we are Unit 7A.

By car: Drive through the Blackwall Tunnel from the North take the first available slip road off the A12, follow the signs towards to the Thames Barrier. Be warned that in rush hour the traffic can be bad in the tunnel so leave extra time if possible. We have a fair amount of parking available.