Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee

How did you get into flying trapeze?
Inception? Debs was teaching me private static trapeze classes at Gorilla Circus, and Ezra wandered over and suggested that I try flying trapeze. My response was, “Ah, no thanks! Not crazy.” Turns out I am crazy? I am much happier for it though!

What flying trapeze trick do you like to throw the most?
I love tricks with rotations and/or twists! I’ve caught the Double Tuck Somersault a few times and I throw the Double Pike Somersault when I feel brave. My favourite challenge right now is the Layout Full, which is a straight somersault with a full twist halfway through the trick.

What do you like best about teaching flying trapeze?
I love meeting people who think they’re just going to tick this thing off their bucket list, and then they get hopelessly addicted by the end of class. It makes me feel smug and justified in my life choices.

What advice would you give to someone who’s on the fence about trying flying trapeze?
You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. There is no Flying Trapeze Police. But deep down, don’t you secretly really, really want to fly?

What feedback do you give the most often to students?
When you lift your legs up for the knee hang at the front of the swing, think of it as a backwards roly-poly. Use your abs and throw your shoulders back as you tuck your knees up.

Tell us something wise that you learned from flying trapeze, or share a funny story.
Flying trapeze is a constant source of hilarity, and in hilarity there is always some wisdom to be gained. Maybe. At least that’s why I have a flying trapeze blog:

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