Joshua Terrence Brown

Joshua Terrence Brown

How did you get into flying trapeze?
All the cool kids (Debs and Shane) were training for it in the gym back at home. I wanted to be cool like them so I followed them to London.

What tricks do you throw in a show? Which is your favourite?
I throw a knee hang and a two position split… If I had filled out my staff profile in time, you might know other tricks I can throw.

What do you like best about teaching flying trapeze?
I like catching, and giving students precise and technical feedback. Some people say that I’m a grumpy dickhead, but I’m just honest and prefer to tell it as it is.

What advice would you give to someone who’s on the fence about trying flying trapeze?
It’s fun if you actually want to do it, so maybe wait until you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and want to do something gutsy. It helps to think happy thoughts. For me, that’s Boobies and Dragons.

What feedback do you give the most often to students?
Do you have any food I can eat?

Tell us something wise that you learned from flying trapeze, or share a funny story.
I learned that if I refuse to fill out a staff profile, then someone will do it for me…

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