Thank You for Having Us

A 2019 collaboration with the French street theatre company Generik Vapeur, “Thank you for having us” was an exploration and statement of humankind’s relationship with the natural world.

We asked the question: will the pursuit of technological advances at the cost of the natural world be the end of life as we know it? This creation explored this with a nocturnal walk through the 8th continent, a plastic filled artificial island that has formed in the North Pacific Gyre. The show featured a 1km procession through city streets with a mobile band and cast of 30 performers.

The show was produced in partnership with Out There Arts, Fantastic Feats (City of London), Furies (Chalon, Fr), Viva Cite (Sotteville, Fr) and Generik Vapeur. ‘Thank You For Having Us’ was supported using public funding by Arts Council England and the French Ministry of Culture.

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