An independent, modern circus production company delivering interactive, unique and contemporary work on custom-built staging

About Us

We are an independent circus production company based in the UK, delivering interactive, mixed-scale, indoor and outdoor contemporary shows for all ages; comprised of aerial spectaculars and

ground-level performances on eye-catching custom structures that include zip lines, hydraulics, moving props, and various FX.

Our artists range from aerialists and wire-walkers to parkour artists and dancers, as well as gifted poets and music producers to help tie our shows together.

Gorilla Circus Born in 2009 from the vision of a former flying trapeze artist on a mission to
innovate, improve and create new varieties of spectaculars that tell important stories of real world issues, with unique structures to set the magic onto.

A few years later and here we are! A passionate micro-team, working hard to deliver beautiful,
thought-provoking, contemporary circus shows for all ages.

Our structures are as much a character and part of the show as the performers are, and are
adaptable to suit the production requirements and budget of each event.

In 2022 we were made a generous NPO grant offer by Arts Council England, which we are excited to be applying into activities at our base in Fenland and beyond.

See our Projects page for upcoming and previous projects!

“An interesting blend of powerful political 
theatre and extraordinarily skilled circus”
Total Theatre Magazine